FrUve is more than just a drink, it is 15 servings of fruits and vegetables and your recommended daily intake of 12 vitamins in one great tasting juice.

  • 15 Servings of Fruits & Vegetables
  • Low Calorie (110-150 calories per 20oz bottle)
  • Serving Size is 12oz
  • Delivers 100% Daily Value of 12 Vitamins
  • No Added Sugar (all sugar sourced from fruit)
  • Non-GMO verified
  • Gluten-Free certified
  • Delicious (confirmed by a child who claims to be “allergic” to anything healthy!)

FrUve is the story of a son that wouldn’t eat healthily, and a dad that got fed up!

In 2015, a good friend emphatically said that I had to watch the movie Fed Up, Katie Couric’s documentary about sugar as the slow killer of our children and nation. While no movie buff, I am the father of three young kids, so I was more than motivated to watch it.

As the film unfolded, I watched in bewilderment and amazement, realizing that, as a society, we really have our heads in the sand! I learned that sugar is a leading cause of obesity, diabetes, and other illnesses, especially amongst children. Sugar is a “hidden ingredient” because there is no percentage of daily value listed on any product labels.

Thinking that I was on course to earn “Father of the Decade” accolades, I was horrified to learn that my ignorance and denial about sugar consumption made me a contributor to its ill effects. Yes, for years, I made dessert and other sugar-filled treats the reward for my children’s hard work, good citizenship, and the means to deliver smiles to their embracing faces. And, the ill effects were impacting me more than I realized. I exercise regularly and follow a primarily vegetarian diet. So, for my dedicated efforts, I would reward myself weekly with a bucket of Captain Crunch or Lucky Charms, my favorites. After watching Fed Up I realized that I was consuming a week’s worth of sugar in one sitting. The gig was up!

Soon after watching Fed Up I gathered the family together for Movie Night. Yes, I made my kids watch Fed Up! Although my 6-year-old would have preferred watching The Incredibles for the 44th time, my 11-year-old daughter and 8-year-old son watched in disbelief as they learned that sugar is a diabolical killer and cause of childhood obesity. Even my youngest got it that sugar is “bad.”

Watching Fed Up blew the lid off sugar as the poison it is; sorry for the harsh words, but it’s the truth. The motivation for what creating FrUve came into being. Because, although we did supply the poison – sugar — to my children, on occasion, my wife and I always did our best to provide healthy meal options and alternatives.

We serve fruit with every meal, along with tasty vegetables, to complement the food pyramid. However, my 8-year-old son “acts” like he is allergic to vegetables; I am sure you know what I mean. To make sure he got his daily fruit and vegetables we would compensate with a glass of a national brand smoothie. The bottle reads so well, or does it? There are a lot of vegetables and fruits listed; anyone would think that this product is good for their children. Yet, one 8oz serving also provides more than the daily-recommended intake of sugar for an adult male! Consume the entire bottle (15.2oz) and that’s approximately 60+ grams of sugar (pending flavor), twice the daily limit for an adult! Are you kidding me??

And so the mission began. I made the commitment to make a difference, for my son and the broader community, by developing an innovative, delicious, healthy, and low-calorie drink. I made the commitment to create a drink that cuts average smoothie calories, AND sugar, in half; that contains no added sugar; that is certified non-GMO and gluten-free; with 15 servings of fruits and vegetables in every bottle and also delivers 100% daily value of 12 vitamins. Everyone tells me that they have seen nothing like FrUve!

I found great partners that shared my vision and mission to revolutionize healthy beverages, including one of the largest retailers in the country that realized that if WE didn’t do something, who would? Well, WE DID! We give you FrUve: your life, your drink, your way. Enjoy!

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“Your Life. Your Drink. Your Way.”


“Take on” sugar 1 gram at a time by providing delicious tasting, low sugar, lower calorie beverages that provide
BIG nutrition while tasting delicious.
All FrUve juices and teas are non-GMO project verified and Gluten-Free.
All FrUve juices are also an excellent source of having FIBER.
We are committed to lower sugar, more nutrition.


Drive continued awareness of the unhealthy effects of too much sugar in our daily diets. We will share in the responsibility of deriving our growth only from those products that support a healthy lifestyle, driving growth via products that are better for you.

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